Joshua, Ohhhhhhhhh, Joshua. You make me soooooo wet.
Guy: When my girlfriend wants to spice up our sex life she likes to use a Joshua.
by IHU SoldierI November 30, 2010
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Joshua is a sexy, masculine individual exuding the most desirable of traits. Although Joshua may be timid at first, his genuine and compassionate charm shine through above all things. He can be trusted with any secret and will always pull through even when the going gets tough. His understanding and supportive nature can put anyone at ease as he is never judgmental but rather always willing to listen with an open mind. He is the epitome of a true man.
My boyfriend is an absolute Joshua.
by char1313 November 10, 2008
A guy who is like a book. You can not judge a book by it's cover, looks can decieve. But not with Joshua, he is attractive but his personality is absolutely stunning and unique. You'll find yourself lost with a Joshua. He treats girls with the upmost respect. Loyal he will be, honesty is the best policy for a Joshua. Truth comes with time as long will trust. A good friend he is, he will be open and be there for you till the very end. He is a friend to keep, and a guy to love. Lieing does not go good with a Joshua. Easily hurt may he be, so watch what you say. And jeaslousy rages through his veins, but love burns and sears through him.
Girl: wow he's such a Joshua
Girl 2: i know i am lucky to have him.
by You'll never be me April 14, 2009
The most amazing guy you will ever meet. He can be sweet and sensitive and overprotective all at once. He fights for what he believes in, and will never back down if he feels that the one he cares for is in danger. He doesn't cuss every other word, in fact he tries not to cuss at all. He may be mistaken for an emo, but really he is just not afraid to share his emotions. He is human unlike what most guys want you to believe. He is a hard worker by nature, but he never has to work very hard to make his girlfriend smile. He loves those people in his heart like there is no tomorrow. He can be spontaneous, but he prefers to ask your preference before doing anything that could possibly be upsetting or taken the wrong way, he is the ultimate man!
Girl1: Joshua just said the F word!
Girl2: He must be really mad!

Joshua: I love you more!
Joshua's Girlfriend: No, I love you more!
Spectator1: How long have they been at that?!
Spectator2: 45 minutes, but don't worry, Joshua always wins.
by The_Sardonic_One August 03, 2009
A boyfriend who cooks, cleans, pays, and drives. A Joshua.
Wow that guy is such a joshua.
by tayface December 26, 2007
A super hot computer nerd who is funny, sarcastic, and a bit of a bad ass.
Damn! That mathlete is so hot, he must be a Joshua!
by crazy for you March 04, 2009
Joshua is the man you've always been looking for, before you realized you were looking for anything at all. He will casually walk into your life and have the natural ability to drastically change it for the better. He wears his heart on his sleeve from day one and is astoundingly consistent, committed, passionate, and patient. He loves to converse, but he also appreciates silence. He loves to work with his hands, create things, hike, play music, but he also loves to simply relax. He loves to learn, but he also loves to teach. He is incredibly independent, but he loves the company of friends, family, and loved ones. Joshua is generally an outgoing individual, but he may be shy when approaching someone he is interested in. He has an odd sense of humor, but it is probably normal considering your own quirky humor. He most likely knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. When he tells you he is in love with you, don't take it for granted because love from a Joshua is probably the best love you'll get.
Do you still date Joshua?

by Emmynems February 16, 2010
An amazing boyfirend...some day husband that is loving caring always there when you need him. Responsible loyal and faithful. He is a guy whos been through a lot in his life and all he truly deserves is someone who will be there for him loving him and faithful to him...and i hope i do that for him...i love you...
Joshua i wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
by Joshualover6-15-09 December 06, 2009
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