When another person starts talking about their last partner while getting intimate.
Oh snap, you got joshed bro!
by ArchosDome October 05, 2010
When a person with a relatively large head in proportion to their body asks you to do something so stupid and insulting.
Person with big head: even though garbage can is right there
Can you throw this away?

You: with no choice
Quietly justs throws it away...

You got Joshed!
by Pablo Escobar the X December 21, 2006
British slang. Means cant be bothered.
Guy1: Comin out tonight man?

Guy: Naaah, can't be joshed.
by Kieran J March 27, 2008
i.e. "high." when you have smoked too much weed and therefore are Joshed.
"im so Joshed right now." "let's go get Joshed"
by au9hbfua9dh January 08, 2008
A term specific to the construction idustry that means you were severly shorted material or were sent the wrong material by the estimator that estimated your job.
Hey Ben, it's Tom. Can you check a job for me. I think I fuckin' got joshed again.
by The Real Wangsta April 16, 2007
to dump the long time girlfriend unexpectedly for a hot new proposition and then dissapearing for long amounts of time
Dude, he joshed that girl hardcore for emily, she never saw that shit coming!
by Mr. Bagels May 04, 2005
1. A relatively young person with a strong dependancy on alcohol
1. "man... look at that kid he's wasted!"
"yeah man... he got joshed"
by Rudeling February 04, 2003
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