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Josh Sackmann has a beard and beautiful green eyes. although, sometimes his personality enables him to be somewhat silly, he is just so hard to stay mad at. Josh Sackmann is so amazing... he makes everyone around him smile, and is loved by so many people. He prevails at sports, football and hockey preferably, and is known for his fighting abilities. Josh Sackmann is an amazing guy and is friends with EVERYONE. But, thats no surprise. who wouldnt want to be friends with Josh Sackmann?
Dude 1: is that Josh Sackmann?
Dude 2 : yea man, he punched me in the face once.

Dude 1: Whoa man who is that?
Dude 2: Its that Guy. (Josh Sackmann)
by Blondie4 December 30, 2011