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A funny, funky, gay and happy dude, who has many a good friend and considers himself to be an 'Acid Raver'.

He DJ's 'Acid House' and is extremely interested in 1980's Synthesized music.

He is a model and icon to his generation.
1 ) 'Doing a Josh Mallinson' : When someone has told a joke or said/done something so funny, you are rolling around on the floor laughing, whilst peeing yourself.

2) As common language : '...Do you know Josh Mallinson? He's a well safe guy!'

3) As Bad Language : '...What the Josh Mallinson Do You Think You Are Doing?!...'

4) As Showing An Example Of HomoSexuality : ' Josh Mallinson Is A Lovely Gay Man.'

by Joshua A.K.A DJ.Moonman September 25, 2008
14 7
A man of giant stature and intellect.
Wow! Did you see that josh mallinson over there? He rocks!
by Malljos February 21, 2009
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