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to look at the ceiling and count the dots on the panels. commenly done after tests. only works in schools.
after that test I was sooo bored man, I josephed for half an hour.
by Hero rasmussen February 27, 2008
LOVES organization, has a little bit of ocd. The youngest of four. Has a effed up memory. A warm hearted, sweet-talking, adorable geek. Enjoys playing xbox, guitar, sleeping, watching Rob & Big, helps me solve stupid drama problems, loves Jimmy Kimmel, Rockstar, beer and wing night, and hot showers. Average body with a booty. Loves listening to Pearl Jam, The Fray and Aerosmith. The greatest listener i've met (:
He's a real Joseph, i've never seen his room messy.
I'm pulling a Joseph tonight.
My OnTheGo playlist should be titled 'Joseph'
by cupcake030491 May 15, 2009
very ugly guy, usually asian and often gay. josephs are normally obsessed with themselves and usually break mirrors cause they are so ugly.
eww that must be joseph!
by josephsareugly November 21, 2011
rare slang for a joint
lets roll a joseph and get stoned
by maco1991 July 01, 2009
an extremely awesome person who love to dance on hamster's faces and eat their brains out. Joseph's may be liable to eat your brains out too, if you get close enough.
Woah! Did you see that Joseph on that hamster? Totally awesome.
by Shagmaster4453 June 27, 2009
one who is waaaaaay to skinny
joseph is a word on urbandictionary.com
by yikes you made me jizz December 20, 2008
Usually a blonde male who enjoys surfing. They usually hate basketball and almost all sports. They have white teeth and shiny watches, and usually have a girlfriend who hates sports as well but is better than everyone at high jump. Most Joseph's have a summer job at an icecream shop! They are funny great listeners and have radical shoes!
Hey look at that kid over there, his name must be joseph!
by jellyyum ;) May 13, 2009