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The name that ancient witchdoctors predicted would be given only to an incredibly talented individual destined to great things. (Buckthorn, 148) The day Joseph Pavalon was born will one day be an international holiday, as predicted by the soothsayers. The first name is derived from the name of many biblical figures, and is interpreted to mean that he will be a consummation of all previous Josephs. Pavalon is derived from a combination of "Powerful" and "Avalon" is a reference to the Arthurian Legend in which Avalon is a magical island. When Joseph Pavalon joins the ranks of mortals, the Golden Age of the globe will begin.
400 A.D. Man: "Oh, why is life so difficult?"
400 A.D. Other Man: "Let us pray that one day, Joseph Pavalon will be born."
400 A.D. Man: "We shall."
by Diddy Kong Racer April 29, 2010
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