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1. The one asshole in the crowd who stands out and even other assholes think he's an asshole. A Jose Santiago has superb nay-sayer skills and can drive any conversation negatively within seconds, he will also pout and storm out of the room like a two year old if he doesn't get his way.

2. An Asshole

3. Someone that as a kid got beat up numerous times and possibly corn holed in school by bigger kids (which was all of them). Now as a big boy he takes these repressed feelings and shares them with everyone in the form of being an A-HOLE.
1. What a Jose Busdriver Santiago that guy is, if its not his idea he will do his best to shoot the idea down.

2. Two men walk into a meeting

Joe: Ok the man in the black is on our side for this meeting

John: Great

Joe: The asshole in the corner in red is the Jose Busdriver Santiago

John: Yup there are Jose Busdriver Santiago's everywhere
by thisguyrocks July 11, 2011
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