Jean Shorts worn by university of Georgia fans at the annual Florida vs Georgia game.
Did you see those ugly ass jorts that guy had on?
Yea I did, he is one of those dawg fans
by therealest292 October 14, 2011
knee length denim shorts, jean shorts
Jorts are a summer garment. If you wear them in cold places during the winter you are obviously not thinking about keeping warm.
by The Return of Light Joker December 24, 2008
Slang for jean shorts.

A term Georgia Bulldog fans are obsessed with
even though they are often seen wearing them at sporting events.
"Many dawg fans wear "jorts"
by neuce March 02, 2010
HIPSTER. Jean shorts. Cut off at the knee, Intended to fray. Usually very tight fitting, and unless worn by adult males above a reasonable age, theyre hot. Dont wear them if youre fat.
Look at that hipster, rollin' in with his jorts and bow tie.
by :):O:P:D:] June 06, 2010
The basic lower garment of the truly hardcore, Jorts are jeans, usually tight fitting, cut off at roughly the knee and allowed to fray, thus adding to the hardcore look.
That kids jorts are so metal, he must be a BAMF.
by j.fiotz1 May 11, 2009
jean shorts that are unusually short, generally worn on men, was fashionable in the 80's not now
Is he really wearing jorts?!
by bentaylor24 February 11, 2010
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