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an orgy started by someone whose name starst with the letter j. usually a Jorge in which case theres the variation Ge'Orgy
You hear about Samantha and that j'Orgy she was in?
by Neager01 May 05, 2008
2 4
A semi pro ultra mellow athlete who is due for a 3 point shot, homerun at bat or touchdown pass. A Jorgy finds peace and tranquility in Call of Duty, Comedy Central and all things Racially incriminating.
I always get stuck with Jorgy on my team. Here comes the losing train.
by African Canadian October 10, 2012
2 0
Orgy of Jews, often taking place in New York City
Is all i heard from the room in which my twenty homsexual rabbis were having a jorgy.
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
4 4
The act of having an orgy with two or more sexy men that go by the name Jordy. Both Jordy's must also have their names spelled J-O-R-D-Y and it must also be a nickname for their real name spelled J-O-R-D-A-N.
Jordy number one and Jordy number two decided that it was time for a jOrgy with both of their girlfriends and several other hoes.
by GANDALFtheGREY78 January 30, 2007
2 3