an orgy started by someone whose name starst with the letter j. usually a Jorge in which case theres the variation Ge'Orgy
You hear about Samantha and that j'Orgy she was in?
#orgy #group sex #sex #ograsmic #fun
by Neager01 May 05, 2008
Top Definition
Orgy of Jews, often taking place in New York City
Is all i heard from the room in which my twenty homsexual rabbis were having a jorgy.
#orgy #fun #horrible #terrible erection #funny
by Hanz Vinkler August 17, 2007
A semi pro ultra mellow athlete who is due for a 3 point shot, homerun at bat or touchdown pass. A Jorgy finds peace and tranquility in Call of Duty, Comedy Central and all things Racially incriminating.
I always get stuck with Jorgy on my team. Here comes the losing train.
#lazy #dry #humor #athlete #sarcasm
by African Canadian October 10, 2012
The act of having an orgy with two or more sexy men that go by the name Jordy. Both Jordy's must also have their names spelled J-O-R-D-Y and it must also be a nickname for their real name spelled J-O-R-D-A-N.
Jordy number one and Jordy number two decided that it was time for a jOrgy with both of their girlfriends and several other hoes.
#orgy #jordy #jordan #sex #funny
by GANDALFtheGREY78 January 30, 2007
An orgy where only Jews are invited and allowed to participate
P1:"I don't enjoy fucking anyone except Jews."

P2: "It sounds like you'd be a good candidate for a Jorgy."

"My mom will be much happier knowing that I only engage in Jorgys."

P1: "I ass fucked that chick with the Jewfro at the Goldberg's last Jorgy."
P2: "Which one?"
#jew orgy #jewish christmas #scandalous muslims #jew sex party #jew swingers
by lastwhorestanding August 11, 2014
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