A girl who is very kind, loving, but shy. She will be shy around you at first, but get to know her and she will be your best friend. She knows how to have a good time, but also loves to curl up with you. She always puts others ahead of her. She is unique and incredibly sweet.
Guy: I met an awesome girl yesterday! Her name is Jordyn and she is the best!

Other Guy: You are so lucky!
by EvilBunnyRabbit June 27, 2014
a sexy golden blonde haired girl with gorgeous blue eyes, usually tall, has nice legs, sometimes reffered to as a hoe but she doesnt care cause she has heard it before, beautiful girl that every guy wants, not afraid to turn down a guy but to nice to brake up with them, sexiest girl ever, insanely beautiful has a nice ass, big boobs, very good in bed, like walking sex, very hot, nice girl who can sometimes be bitchy when needed, total package amazing girlfriend lucky to have her
Guy: dude did you see that girl she had it all.
Guy 2: ik she must have been a jordyn
Guy: yeah i would be lucky to have that
Guy 2: any guy would
by jsexy10 April 03, 2010
A girl with green eyes and light brown blonde hair she is the ultimate friend zone girl and she best friends with all the guys her friends back her up but she's not very good at relationships. She always is athletic and tan and is very good at lacrosse
Jordyn: I like this guy but I don't know how to get out of the friend zone
by Missjordy40 April 28, 2013
she is a short cute girl with green eyes. usually doesnt give a shit but she also is very unique in her own way. if you make fun of her watch out she probably has a very protective boyfriend that will punch you in the face. overall jordyns are also loving and caring too
boy1: omg your such a jerk

jordyn: i dont give a shit because my boyfriend is going to beat the shit out of you

boy1: hold on is your name jordyn

jordyn: yes
boy1: shit im so sorry

Jordyn:your going to be when my boyfriend punches you in the face
by a girl who doesnt give a shit January 24, 2015
A painful type of nose surgery.
Oh man, Alicia really needs to get a Jordyn done to that nose of hers, it's huge!
by courageousjoyce February 23, 2010
Obnoxious ass hole, usually goodlooking in the face, but attitude makes you want to kill yourself. Very arrogant, and disrespectful. If you find yourself in the presence of a Jordyn, beware.
"God damn it stop being such a jordyn"
*WARNING* Beware of Jordyns
by p5ych0bitc4 April 22, 2011
A rude, selfish girl who tries obnoxiously hard to steal your perfect boyfriend... used to be your best friend- then as soon as you started dating that boy she will try to steal him, she's basically a straight up bitch.
jordyn has been doing this for way too long now, tell her to stop
by its521am December 16, 2011

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