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RASH BOY- a male gender who contains a rash in his pubic area.
That kid is a jordan.
by Steven Shickel May 16, 2008
a young person (usually male) who aspires to become a police officer, because they have no common sense what-so-ever. Also see poser, douche, fag, fatass, pube-head, fetus, pig, bacon, pork, ham, fuzz, dumbass, idiot, dumb fuckin roomate.
Someone who thinks the lord of the rings is a true story may be a "jordan"

Man #1: Did you see the lord of the rings?
Man #2: yea that was a great movie
Man #1: yea totally historically accurate
Man #2: no its not you fucking jordan.
by Jordan Fetus April 05, 2008
Usually gay and a regular homosexual. usually resides in and around suburban areas such as Peachtree City.

A Jordan owns a cracked-out dog usually of the brown variety

A Jordan is ALWAYS a bad driver - do not ride with a Jordan at all costs

A Jordan also has major ADHD and can really piss you the fuck off
Look at that faggot crashed on the side of the road, must be a Jordan
by Hunter58 February 22, 2008
was born out of her mothers asshole
became black, and never came back
but when she did she was blind, and in a wheel chair with a seeing eye dog named gospel

one hell of a mofafu!
juanito: hey, did you see that video that one day

maria: yeah, shakira's my favorito! 'hips don't lie'

carlos: yeah, you WHAT a jordan.....


jordan jordan jordan h8r!
by JENIVE June 17, 2008
a slightly color blind queer- acting male, with clinical depression due to the recent diagnosis of AIDS and having the shame of a barbie sized penis
A: Hey you! what color is that poster?
B: umm brown?
A: No, idiot its orange ha ha ha, stupid jordan.
B: dang it, im gonna go kill myself for having gay sexual intercourse with a midget and hopefully i live long enough to get a penis enlargment.
by Radio james January 18, 2008
GAY, thats it no more nothing else
jordan is a HOMO, there is no more examples
by rasta binladen September 17, 2007
extremely tall person
The boy is jordan, he scares me
by keista May 15, 2006