Dookie. otherwise known as poop.
a man whose dookie smells so bad it calls for a complete evacuation of the premises.
"oh there is dookie boy jordan... "
by Dookmiester September 14, 2008
A one legged man with a scrawny dick. He only shows his face in the shadows and peeks at you while you pee. He enjoys to tug his own nipples and lick his lips when he gets erections.
"Hey look! That thing over there is tugging its nipples and has a lump in its pants! It must be a Jordan!"
by Home SacketSkank April 16, 2009
A 13 year old kid that is nerdy and watches porn all night

kyie: alex was watching porn all night

Bob: HA his a jordan
by PHUCK U JORDAN August 27, 2008
Retarded bitch who's feelings change as often as her underwear has a bad tendency to break up with someone thats freaking awesome to go fuck a football player on a stack of calculus books
DAMN tyler look at that bitch shes a jordan lets puggle stomp her!
by Matt Kuhns April 24, 2008
a cleaner version of saying a girl pants wearing ass hole.
eww look at that jordan he's disgusting.
by oemgitsemmy June 11, 2005
adj. To prolong something longer than is strictly necessary. Derived from author Robert Jordan and his Jordanesque series of books, The Wheel of Time.
She was on the phone a Jordanesque amount of time , He Jordanized that book report.
by Michael MJ Wilson October 13, 2007
another way of saying the number 23, used in instances whereas somebody might ask how old you are.
Frank: Happy birthday. How old are you now?

Mike: Jordan.
by TonyTheAnt November 02, 2006

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