A guy who seems totally perfect, always caring, very sweet and affectionate, and semi-good-looking. But then turns out to be a total perv only sweet-talking you to get anything and everything he wants sexually. A fuckin' politician (literally).
I thought he was the perfect boyfriend. But he turned out to be a total "Jordan".
by PseudonymName00 December 27, 2008
(n.) 1. a quality attributed to jews who happen to be particularly attractive and smart
2. something associated with blatant agenda pushing
Pat: I must say, that jewish boy certainly has semitic-good looks. If I wasn't so confused about my sexuality, I would swear he was Jordan.

Steve: Did you see Helen write the URL of her website everywhere, never has there been such a shameful Jordan.
Colleen: yes, the only Christian thing to do is to give her a scarlet letter and force an elfish toddler on her as punishment for her sins.
by judas iscariot May 31, 2005
Social Parasite. Small and oily usually found clinging to the sweating arse cheeks of Z list celebrities.
You'll never believe it, I've got another stinking Jordon tryin to climb up my ring!

That filthy Jordan tried to make a come back, so I twatted it with a Harvey. The Harvey ate it.
by k74 November 17, 2009
an ugly poop face who dosn't deserve to be alive, a stupid blondie, and a winer face LITERALLY!
that girl has a winer on IT'S face IT'S name must be Jordan.
by I ran the taco dog March 22, 2010
A man who's girlfriend has herpes.
Linton: Did you see Jordan?

Jeff: No, but I think I got a cold sore from his girlfriend.
by Cheabiotch November 03, 2009
another word for complete asshole with a tiny dick that cannot be seen even with the strongest microscope
"OMG i cant even see you, you must be a jordan."
by sexymama78387 December 21, 2009
MALE- Chewbacca. Mufasa. A guy with lot of hair. He is usually hot but is really a man whore.

FEMALE- A stupid whore, skank, slut, ho, cum guzzeler, cunt monger, dumbfuck. Female Jordan's will suck your boyfriends dick. Most of these girls are short and act innocent. Beware THEY ARE WHORES. Sometimes they will be called Whoredon. Especially if they are Mexican, or part Mexican.
Person # 1 - Oh. My. God. That thing looks like fucking Mufasa! It has so much hair you can't even see its fucking face! But i think its a guy.... i think.
Person # 2- Must be a Jordan.

Person # 1- Wow look at that short Mexican whore! She's all over every guy in this place!
Person # 2-I know right! I have seen her around here doing the exact same thing to different people. She is definitely a Jordan.
by pumpkinsong August 23, 2009

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