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Kid who travels between two lunch tables that hate him, because nobody likes him. He thinks everyone at both the tables is his is friend, however he has not realized that he HAS no friends. Worse than Greg Dewire, except he doesn't smell as bad. He keeps coming up to me and quoting Dr. Ruth.
Me: word!
Jordan (with fake Russian accent): "when the penis penetrates the vagina, it feels good for both people" (starts cracking up)
Me: um...ha... ha........ ha..... ha..... SNAP!
by Home slice June 12, 2005
A girl that works at a theater in Park Forest that loves dick. She is always willing to go down on any guy or girl. She gives it up to almost anyone she meets.
"Damn did you hear those moans coming from the back of the theater?"

"Yeah, that must be Jordan"
by johnson11 September 08, 2008
a baby that is born out of the butthole
A:That baby stinks!
B:must be a jordan

Nurse:We found the baby in the toilet
Doctor:must be a jordon

by newfie October 22, 2006
n. Another word for 'slut', 'whore', 'cunt', 'bitch', 'skank', etc.

Someone who will fuck anything that walks.

Someone who will suck your dick. Even if you give them the lint straight from your pocket.

Someone who is a straight up bitch, backstabber, and shit talker.

Someone who thinks they are badass, and they are totally fake.
Also a girl who has sex with other girls' boyfriends.
That girl over there is such a Jordan!
by ilovehaters! :D May 25, 2009
Dookie. otherwise known as poop.
a man whose dookie smells so bad it calls for a complete evacuation of the premises.
"oh there is dookie boy jordan... "
by Dookmiester September 14, 2008
A one legged man with a scrawny dick. He only shows his face in the shadows and peeks at you while you pee. He enjoys to tug his own nipples and lick his lips when he gets erections.
"Hey look! That thing over there is tugging its nipples and has a lump in its pants! It must be a Jordan!"
by Home SacketSkank April 16, 2009
A 13 year old kid that is nerdy and watches porn all night

kyie: alex was watching porn all night

Bob: HA his a jordan
by PHUCK U JORDAN August 27, 2008