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A person that will give you a B.J. no matter what.!!!
I hear that girl is a jordan
by jermik May 21, 2009
Sex; where the man inserts his penis into a female's vagina. Then babies are made. They are the result of Jordan.
I made Jordan with Bob last night. It was hot.
by ashlei November 04, 2007
A whore's hat trick.

Step 1. Find three guys who know each other and each have a girlfriend.

Step 2. Screw each guy without his girlfriend finding out.

Step 3. Make sure none of the guys know they all screwed the same girl.
Clara was pulling a Jordan on Mark, Jeff, and Joey, until Mark's girl caught on and tagged Clara's car "SLUT".
by DuckSucka! January 30, 2009
A person who is usually very gay, he looks kind of Italian and plays to much combat arms. He likes to have sexual interactions with his homosexual friend kyle. He has a very small penis and has a strange attraction to Bob Saget.
Hey look at that weirdo he's such a jordan.
by Bigpenacalota December 21, 2009
A stupid ass fagget that thinks he is the shit when realy he looks like an aftermath of a cluster fuckk of gay butt sex.He is worthless and trashy.He will eventually get aids and will always look like a gay douche.He fails at life.And doesnt do anything except text diffrent girls every night.He is gross and he reminds me of a fagenated ice butt hole. XD
a fagget ass quier. :)-jordan
by Brittany Dayton Pottorff :) January 11, 2010
A stunning famous english glamour model with very large boobs, has appeared in Playboy and I'm a celebrity get me out of here (british reality TV program)
Jordan: Woman with large boobs and a mouth to match.
by Muse Fan July 05, 2006
A MASSIVE amount of hair on the face, unbelieveable!
Did you just see how much Jordan that guy had on his face!
by El123 September 11, 2008