carmel colored piece of shit!
who sucks dick for a living
and his fat nasty indian girlfriend jess is a SLUTTTTT....
Hey! look that kid is carmal colored, not black, he must be a Jordan!
by heashley May 03, 2010
to take things too far
"Stop pulling a Jordan"
by Jeffrey Kerr February 14, 2009
A tool someone who is used and drives a crappy toyota celica s. One who is being used by the ladies for rides and money, usually best friends with losers but thinks he is a straight up g. Thinks they can drive stick and does all around stupid shit.
Person 1: dude did you hear what billy did last night smashing mail boxes

Person 2: yeaa he is such a jordan
by wowwtflawlz January 29, 2010
Someone who is incredibly igniggerant and lags often.
Yo niqqa wus gudd ckant you turn that shiet upp?

You are sucha Jordan man I swear
by BlackPowderMinusTheD January 01, 2010
A young English boy who has an unhealthy obsession with anime and all things Japanese-related. He also has the tendency to ramble on about useless things that no one cares about. He also has an obsession with discussing his school work.
"Omg did u see the new episode of pokemon its awesome!! OMG and in school today we had such a hard test!!"

"Dude you're SUCH a Jordan."
by ModeSofa June 14, 2009
A small Okinawan boy who looks anarexic. Very fast at running and does extremely well in football. Also denies that he is part rabbit.
Damn Jordan is fast.
by Kanaka808 August 28, 2008
A creepy stalker who is obsessive, over protective, controlling, annoying, rude, selfish, stupid/dumb/unintelligent, manwhore, SUCKS at comebacks... (: all in all...he is a dumb ass!!

AND a horrible boyfriend!
Jordan: I didnt cheat on you! you just found that girls tank top in my car by accident! its all an illusion!!

Jordan: I'll wait for you forever
*anon: you'll be waiting for a LONG time

Jordan: If i could choose any woman to have children with it would be you, but i would wait until your out of highschool..unless you know, you wanted to start earlier.

Jordan: i cant see myself with anyone but you. i dont know why i cant get over you, your just stuck in my head, but i dont know why.
by ihatejordan December 28, 2009

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