Jordan is a girl with a hot @$$ that can squeeze your dick with her vag so hard that you'll cum too fast.
I totally hooked up with a Jordan last night, it was the best 5 seconds EVER!!
by Murray FrogsFrogs August 11, 2010
A skinny but hot girl who is somewhat prude. this girl tends to be friends with a cow. this cow tends to follow laxbros with flow. she is a spoiled girl whos dad is very funny.
Your friend is such a Jordan!!
by jimmyshimmylimmy34989 December 26, 2010
A crazy dude with a bunch of kids who has been known to live in small country towns. He likes every Facebook status he can get his computer to click on. He has been known on occasion to wear two different shoes to work.
A Jordan moved in next to my grandmother last week. I friended him to be polite, but now I can't get him to leave my status' in peace!
by Lizzlefizzle December 07, 2010
a smelly cat who thinks shes a supreme being.

someone who is extreamy stupid.

a porcelain white trash girl who thinks shes a hipster.
oh my lordy, stupid hoe stop being so Jordan or ill slap you
by anamet August 08, 2012
Jordan (n)- The act of signing out without responding to a question relating to a person's phone number.

this usally happens when someone hits alt F4 to avoid answering the question, equal to being rejected.
person A "I was talking to sally last night and right as i asked her nymber, she pulled a jordan!"
person B "haha serves you right, you creeper."
by GeorgexOrwell February 13, 2010
A classic douchebag move where one party of a conversation drops the entirety of the discussion and leaves completely, most notably without a goodbye.

The most common example of this is seen online where during a conversation someone will inevitably leave the chat and log off without a single warning or hesitation, and not out of frustration or shitty internet connection.

This also applies to real life when speaking to someone either in person or on the phone where they either turn their attention elsewhere or hang up, respectively.
"Dude, way to totally pull a Jordan last night and stop talking to me without saying 'goodbye.' Douche."
by Killfactorten February 08, 2010
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