A classic douchebag move where one party of a conversation drops the entirety of the discussion and leaves completely, most notably without a goodbye.

The most common example of this is seen online where during a conversation someone will inevitably leave the chat and log off without a single warning or hesitation, and not out of frustration or shitty internet connection.

This also applies to real life when speaking to someone either in person or on the phone where they either turn their attention elsewhere or hang up, respectively.
"Dude, way to totally pull a Jordan last night and stop talking to me without saying 'goodbye.' Douche."
by Killfactorten February 08, 2010
a cheap condom u can find at a gas station
i bought a jordan at hess
by mikey hulbert May 19, 2010
Jordan (n)- The act of signing out without responding to a question relating to a person's phone number.

this usally happens when someone hits alt F4 to avoid answering the question, equal to being rejected.
person A "I was talking to sally last night and right as i asked her nymber, she pulled a jordan!"
person B "haha serves you right, you creeper."
by GeorgexOrwell February 13, 2010
A giant twat bag, the one no-one wants to be mates with as they smell like dog shit, look like something a baby just puked, and dresses like a five year old. Tends to stay in a lot playing video games.

Had sex with one girl and turned her lesbian.
Person 1: That person is such a Jordan.

Jordan: Hey
Someone else: *holds breath and backs away*
by ILikeCatsAlot December 29, 2010
Has a large fanny. Has odd hair and behaves like one of the female gender.
Dude stop being such a Jordan.
by JayBeeBeatch September 25, 2010
a douschebag who thinks he's super cool because he gets high all the time. and he fcks over every girl he meets, or at least thinks he does, and then thinks he is as similarily cool as someone who gets high all the time for doing so.
Did you hear about the guy who has been sexually assaulting women in mall parking lots?" "Yeah, his name was Jordan something.
by mynameislisanot May 31, 2010
stupid bitch who always has boogers. she's white as shit. get's all the guys even though she's ugly as fuck. is a total bitch when she doesn't get what she wants. stupid shy bitchh.
that girl is so nasty, she's a total jordan.
by vaginaa.(; August 13, 2011

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