Jordan a hot sexy beast. Is a beast at soccer and get all the ladies
Damn that must be a Jordan!
by Gappy Jo October 24, 2015
a Jordan is an amazing person all around. if you so happen to b as lucky as ME and you come across a Jordan never let go and never give up trust me it's worth it. when meeting a Jordan you may be shy even though you aren't a shy person in general. a Jordan male, tale, pale, adorkable, very nerdy at times but it's the cuteist thing ever when your Jordan starts going on and on about halo, he's funny and can be your best freind. he's the best guy you;ll evr meet in your life once you get one you'll know he's "Mr.right" he'll never let you down and will alllllways stand by your side. if by chance you get such a amazing creature don't take him for granted!! you WILL regret it. and when you do meet one don't spend 8 months being shy and to scared to run up to him in a public place and tell him how you really and truly feel. grow some balls and tell him i assure you, you will never want to be with anyone but him you will fall for within 1 to 3 days and that its you'll only want him. once one loves you theres no turning back but honestly why would you? he has very loveing arms so why run from them. just trust me when i say grab a jordan before they're all gone!
girl: hey
jordan: i love you
girl: *melts into his arms*
by skrillexchick August 11, 2012
A girl who is loyal but no one notices because no one takes the chance to get to know her. That would be because she's so ugly and likes food too much.
" Look at her. She's so ugly and fat."
" Yeah that's Jordan"
by Jane TK August 30, 2015
Jordan's (girls) are beautiful funny tough funny amazing at sports and very smart. Jordan's are perfect in every way possible. People are always jealous about Jordan. Jordan's are very hipper and always happy and dream big, Jordan's are good friends to be with. Jordan's try there hardest for every thing, sometimes I'm BFFS with a Jordan and she is exactly like I described. I never want to let go of a Jordan
Man Jordan's is perfect
by Real thoughts June 18, 2014
A white piece of crap that thinks he is black
"Look how baggy his clothes are."
"He's a Jordan."
by dick smash mciron cock November 29, 2013
a small, animal like, person who wont shut up :)


person 1: okay sorry :$
by jordanisaloudanimal October 12, 2011
The hottest girl you can ever meet, blondes = sexy. (;
jordan is hot
by dasrf234 May 31, 2011
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