Has a large fanny. Has odd hair and behaves like one of the female gender.
Dude stop being such a Jordan.
by JayBeeBeatch September 25, 2010
a douschebag who thinks he's super cool because he gets high all the time. and he fcks over every girl he meets, or at least thinks he does, and then thinks he is as similarily cool as someone who gets high all the time for doing so.
Did you hear about the guy who has been sexually assaulting women in mall parking lots?" "Yeah, his name was Jordan something.
by mynameislisanot May 31, 2010
A really annoying, ugly, stupid, bitchy person who everyone hates
Damn, I hate that girl. Shes such a Jordan
by ieaph April 04, 2011
To be, or the act of being unfocused, unattentive, spaced-out, day dreaming, forgetful, ditzy, and a little bit lost and confused. Also, having the signs of early dementia or Alzheimers. Seeming to have ADD but isn't yet clinically diagnosed with the disorder due to either laziness or because they have forgotten that they may have it. Most likely the latter. In short, being a blonde.
Mrs. Gall always yells at that girl for jordaning during math class.
by Mary Whana February 14, 2010
an ugly horse with big teeth,
you can buyjordan grass and she's a horse
by horsieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 16, 2010
1.To destroy a Toyota Camry by ramming it into a wall, while driving through an otherwise very safe environment.
2. To hug men, wearing a very tight spandex short suit while imagining a rear naked choke.
1. Wow, the other day I saw this yahoo driving down the road in his own little world...he better be careful or he'll end up like Jordan.
2. I read on Craig's list that you can have a Jordan for only 7 dollars and a box of crawfish.
by Shenanigan Jones March 04, 2010
1. A song in Guitar Hero II by Buckethead that became popular for being extremely difficult to beat on expertand almost impossible to full combo. A guy named HellAshes finally full combo'd it early 2008, but only with the use of the Hyperspeed cheat. To this date, it has never been released on an album.

2. (phrase) pull a Jordan: To do something, either expectantly or unexpectantly, that is generally considered impossible.
(other guy) No you didn't. (looks at screen) Holy crap, you did!

2. Donald pulled a Jordan when he landed on his feet after falling 3000 feet from the sky without getting hurt or wearing any safety equipment.
by some day you will surely know March 16, 2008

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