A fat mess that eats all day
A fat guy "You are so Jordan"
by Cuntmasher May 26, 2012
A short black kid with a little dick and an annoying voice that also likes fat chicks
damn do i hate me a jordan
by hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaanigggaa June 01, 2016
A small ugly man that would swap his anal viginity for a spunky flip-flop
You fat cunt jordan
via giphy
by Ashtonladd November 09, 2015
The sweetest and most caring guy you will ever meet. He's very honest, hard-working, and selfless. Best best friend you could ever have.
"My best friend is a total Jordan!"
by SmartElek March 13, 2015
A girl of natural beauty who is kind to everyone. She's extremely talented, though she may not believe it all the time, but her friends are there to support her. They understand how wonderful, amazing, weird, and caring she is. She is also bright, and plans for an exciting future. Anyone who meets her can instantly see her inspiring, but also animated, character.
I will never forget Jordan. She's my best friend!
by Melody (MissMaj) March 03, 2014
A guy who seems sweet and nice at first but once you get to know him he's a douche. Has little to no regard for the feelings of others and cares only for himself. Jordans are very horny guys that will do anything to get laid. Do not fall for one.
Jordan's a dick
I know
by XenaRage May 15, 2011
A bad bitch
Damn that kid was being a jordan last night!
by k.k.g April 28, 2011
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