A two-headed person and/or animal that thoroughly enjoys having one of its head ingested by another one of its kind.
Hot chick 1: "I just saw a huge Jordan over in the bushes"

Hot chick 2: "thats totally psychedelic!"
by S-Sauce October 14, 2011
Jordan is a vein person who acts modest but never truly is. He has a lot of friends and most are girls as he is a player at heart, always switching between them.

He is not loyal and uses people only when he needs them. He is an outgoing and fun loving person who enjoys popular music and follows the trend, never setting his own style.
He's such a "Jordan
by BlackHalo January 22, 2011
Jordan is a girl with a hot @$$ that can squeeze your dick with her vag so hard that you'll cum too fast.
I totally hooked up with a Jordan last night, it was the best 5 seconds EVER!!
by Murray FrogsFrogs August 11, 2010
The biggest slut you could ever meet. She will fuck anything that walks. Shes a lying, inconsiderate slutty bitch who's vagina is a place where men get trapped and lost forever. Don't ever trust a Jordan. She will betray you because shes a fucking trampy ass bitch working at a popeyes in germany.
Dont trust a hoe, never trust a Jordan.. i mean, hoe.
by dumbbitches0111 October 10, 2011
A crazy dude with a bunch of kids who has been known to live in small country towns. He likes every Facebook status he can get his computer to click on. He has been known on occasion to wear two different shoes to work.
A Jordan moved in next to my grandmother last week. I friended him to be polite, but now I can't get him to leave my status' in peace!
by Lizzlefizzle December 07, 2010
A classic douchebag move where one party of a conversation drops the entirety of the discussion and leaves completely, most notably without a goodbye.

The most common example of this is seen online where during a conversation someone will inevitably leave the chat and log off without a single warning or hesitation, and not out of frustration or shitty internet connection.

This also applies to real life when speaking to someone either in person or on the phone where they either turn their attention elsewhere or hang up, respectively.
"Dude, way to totally pull a Jordan last night and stop talking to me without saying 'goodbye.' Douche."
by Killfactorten February 08, 2010
when a girl's shirt rides up and her pale, unsexy love handle is exposed to the world
Whoa girl, pull down that shirt. You've got a major Jordan. No one wants to see that.
by Mr. Yellow June 06, 2009

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