Another word for Man-whore. Only cares about himself and has the biggest ego known to man kind. Very athletic and very smart, but doesnt know what to do with his life. Will blame others for his failures, losses and lonliness.
wow did you hear that guy just cheated on his girlfriend? What a Jordan.
by sillinessisyou February 17, 2011
the sweetest guy you will ever meet. is usualy in love with an: abbie he will love his girl with all of his heart. at times can be over protective. but he means well...allways and forever(:
*guy tries to kiss abbie*
jordan-*stands in front of abbie* "i would advise you to back. off."
by jordanlover1234 January 27, 2011
A skanky ugly hoe.She spreads her legs for every guy that comes along and she's fat.Everything about her is ugly,personality and looks.She likes guys that are losers and still spreads her legs for them.
Jordan Smith is an ugly little bitch and a cunt.She's nothing but a whore and is cheap.You can buy sex from Jordan Smith because she's a loser and would do something like that,seeing how much of a filthy hoe bag Jordan Smith is she'd probably give it up for free.But be careful she probably has STDS.
by Drill Sgt. Smalls July 24, 2012
The biggest slut working at popeyes that will fuck anything with a dick. She doesnt care if they have a girlfriend and shes normally a super bitch. watch out for tramps like these.
Hey, who's that Sucking Julia's boyfriend's dick?

... Oh wait, thats probably Jordan.
by boats_and_hoez22 October 05, 2011
a smelly cat who thinks shes a supreme being.

someone who is extreamy stupid.

a porcelain white trash girl who thinks shes a hipster.
oh my lordy, stupid hoe stop being so Jordan or ill slap you
by anamet August 08, 2012
Someone that belongs in a trashcan.
Dude, did you take Jordan out last night?
by iiLilSaint November 12, 2011
A skinny but hot girl who is somewhat prude. this girl tends to be friends with a cow. this cow tends to follow laxbros with flow. she is a spoiled girl whos dad is very funny.
Your friend is such a Jordan!!
by jimmyshimmylimmy34989 December 26, 2010

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