Jordan's (girls) are beautiful funny tough funny amazing at sports and very smart. Jordan's are perfect in every way possible. People are always jealous about Jordan. Jordan's are very hipper and always happy and dream big, Jordan's are good friends to be with. Jordan's try there hardest for every thing, sometimes I'm BFFS with a Jordan and she is exactly like I described. I never want to let go of a Jordan
Man Jordan's is perfect
by Real thoughts June 18, 2014
Someone who often has lots of dandruff in there hair. Has no outlook on life apart from flipping burgers every second weekend.
Check his hair, it's so Jordan
by Pmcguire97 June 15, 2014
A half beast half troll that never relies on facts or probability to succeed in his ventures. His only guiding sense is his glowing beard that lights up when he's about to do something correct, just in case. He also has the ability to make a good pizza and vanish from thin air in the midst of his mortal enemy LAPD.
Who took all the lightbulbs out of the sockets?

Its was Jordan, he's building a fire.
by dragonking December 26, 2012
a sexy motherfucker with a very large penis will fuck your girlfriend and any hot girl out there, can get any girl within the snap of a finger
Guy #1: I think He Just Stole My Girlfriend.

Guy #2: He Must Be A Jordan.
by Zerofxxx January 09, 2012
A very lovable, kind, generous, sexy person, with a great passion to sport (mostly football).
He has a winning smile, great looks and loves everyone around him.

He has short brown hair; with cute, small curls at the end.
He's overall, a perfect boyfriend.
Sam: OMG! We just scored a goal!
Tom: That's because Jordan is great at football!
by ChocolateBrownies December 20, 2011
Usually super hot ; Deffinately athletic , funny , and just fun to be around . Easy to fall in love with , even though he flirts with every girl he sees , pretty or not . But doesnt like all the girls he flirts with . Usually liked by MANY people because EVERYONE knows who he is . Usually has AMAZING brown eyes . A smile you could die for . LOVES to smile(: Really good at football , basketball , and baseball . Doesnt really care what people think about him . KNOWS HOW TO DOUGIE(; And Jerkkk ;D Really good dancer . Commonly called Jordy .
Amy: Oh woww , he's got the most amazing eyes<3 Who is he?(:
Arya: Thaat , is Jordan<3 #5 on the football team , #15 on the basketball team!
Amy: Oh , Duh! I should of known his name was Jordan!
by NewarkOHGirl(: June 28, 2011
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