Also known as "The Ready Set". He's the most amazing guy known to man-kind. He will blow your mind with a look in the eye or 2 words. He is incredibly hot & funny & the best person you could ever meet. He is the best musician & 57,328,459,305,607% pure perfect. no one can possibly NOT love him. <3
I can't possibly give you an example of the amazing man himself, Jordan Witzigreuter. so go on youtube & go listen to him!
by JLWitzigreuter August 02, 2011
Top Definition
The front-man for the band The Ready Set, also an extremely nice person. He creates all the music on his CD's including "I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming" featuring "Love Like Woe." On top of all that he also is very good looking.
Girl: Whoa! Jordan Witzigreuter is hot!
Other girl: Yeah! Too bad he's married to Morgan Nurmi!
by TheReadySetFan January 09, 2011
lead singer for the band The Ready Set
also known in punk bands and to have a big penis
wow that jordan witzigreuter from the ready set was hot in there last night
by TravisRountreeLover May 15, 2011
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