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1. The drummer of the band Fear Me Dear.

2. Someone who is cool enough to stay away from drugs and smoking and other senseless things such as these.

3. Someone who is ridiculously funny and humorous. They'll make you laugh in the blink of an eye.

4. Someone who has beautiful eyes, a charming personality, and jaw dropping good looks. Their ears are usually stretched and they wear crazy shirts.

5. Someone who has a good taste in music, and plays the drums rather well. They'll tell you that they are extremely well educated in music, but turn around and lose in a trivia game of such topics.

6. Someone who doesn't put forth awkward silences, and can carry on a swell conversation. They are fun to talk to, and have interesting, funny things to say. They make sarcastic remarks, and funny faces. They have an amazing personality, and always seem to win contests at being cute.
Girl 1: Damn! Did you see that kid? He was hella fiiiine.
Girl 2: Yeah!! He must've been Jordan Voeller!!


Girl 1: I played this game last night with this boy and I totally beat him!!
Girl 2: No way!!?!?! That kid must've been Jordan Voeller.


Boy 1: Did you go to that FMD concert last night?
Boy 2: Yeah that dude was sick on the drums.
Boy 3: He was totally Jordan Voeller.
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