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A Jewish booty -- cute and juicy.

Nice cushioning to stuff into a knee-length modern orthodox skirt, or a pair of designer jeans.
"Oh. My. God. Becky. Look at that Jooty."
"She looks like one of those rabbi's girlfriends."
by lyonz September 02, 2012
11 0
Getting ass from a jewish girl.
Oh man, i got some jooty last night at the temple.
by cassel June 19, 2003
11 4
green & geeky
dude that bartender's such a jooty
by blue eminem September 22, 2010
5 3
a big ol' juicy booty
damn, u see that nice jooty over there!? jiggle, jiggle, jiggle
by Joey Babellon October 24, 2007
4 2
Small parasites that are spread by jews. Supposedly, if you catch them you gradually become jewish.
No way am I sleeping in THAT bed, I might catch some of your jooties!
by Israeli_D_31 August 03, 2011
1 3
Juicy Booty
Oooh, that chick has a sweet jooty
by JulzzzzCaityBFFFF October 02, 2009
1 3