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1. Mildew-like material that when socialized with humans, can lead to strange symptoms such as sweating at the site of raw shellfish, feeling the need to go swimming after eating a hot dog, or bowel movements at the thought of not seeing your grandmother for over two years.

Some rare symptoms are:
1. Public Urination after seeing a PG-13 movie.
2. Staring thoughtlessly into rotting pumpkins (seasonal illness)
3. Feeling of great remorse or feelings of hardship after slipping one sandal on instead of both at the same time.
4. Intense cravings for blueberries after minutes of using an electric nose shaver.

Once infected with Jookie Spores, symptoms may be instantly apparent, whilst some people never show symptoms. Many hereditary characteristics come to play when showing the physical or mental affects of the spore.

Scientists at the West Virginia Medical Institute have yet to come to a valid conclusion of how Jookie Spores were created, and thus have not found a cure once caught. Speculation shows that one man had sexual intercourse with themself (hermaphrodite), which led to an ejaculate with may have contained Jookie Spore membranes. The person to be "speculated," has been identified as a man/woman named Nicholas Renyer, but this information is yet to be correctly proven.

Since 2004, teens across the Mid-West (USA) have been harvesting and collecting these spores in powder-like variations, to be used for recreational means. Not much is known about "Juke Dust," but doctors and scientists alike both highly recommend not using this compound substance, for long-term affects could lead to lethal consequences.
Doctor: "hmm.... looks like you may have gotten Jookie Spores..."
Patient: "all I know is that this shirt is making me want to watch Robo-Cop."
Doctor: "nurse, come in; looks like this is a serious dose."
by Twizzle1337 January 01, 2008
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