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The male equivalent to a queef, it is a penis fart that happens only once in a lifetime - the very first moment after a boy is born. Often used as a diagnostic tool by doctors who are attempting to determine the sex of babies with incredibly small penises.
Doctor: It' a boy!
Patient: How do you know?
Doctor: that's how.
Both: Hahahahahaha
by saucytime January 11, 2008
Joof ! ju`f
Copyright 2002 Ebby & Rahim
n. the sound effect made when mean points are accumulated due to mean or hurtful actions or comments.
2 a mean or hurtful action or comment - That was a big joof.

v. the act of committing a mean action that is hurtful towards another person -Romeo was upset when Juliet joofed him.
n. That was a big joof

v. Romeo was upset when Juliet joofed him.
by R. Wright, E. Agu August 24, 2005
Morning Masturbation
This morning I went for a joof
by Matt XJ January 20, 2009
Acronym: Jerk off on face
Man, last night that bitch passed out before I got to fuck her. So I just whipped it out and joofed. Taught her a lesson she won't soon forget.
by Brutus the Buckeye April 16, 2006
said when mildly annoyed and/or bored.

originator: Jenelle Bringer
"nothing is happening and your sock has a stain on it"
by Looscannon September 01, 2004
the name of a really hip and happenin' clothing company who specialise in cistom teeshirts.
www.jooclothing.com you love it
by Bethan Heslop February 16, 2005