A Jewish name given by parents who want their son/daughter to have a original name. Jonti can be short for Jonathan or Johnny.
Person A: Congratulations, its a girl.
Father: What should we name it sweety?
Mother: How about Jonti.
Father: Wow that's so original.
by Killer Koke Kan April 22, 2009
Top Definition
A delightfully sexy man, generally worldly wise and well acquainted with the internet. Absolutely irresistable to all females, with eyes to die for and a delightful body.
Damn, last night was so good he could have been a jonti.
by em January 09, 2004
The most beautiful girl in the world. her simple smile lights up the world like the sun. Her face is the most beautiful thing ever to be seen. She will always be loved. When ever anyone talks to her they become dry in the mouth and nervous because she is so amazing.
She my friend is a Jonti.
by squiggleyjoe September 26, 2011
to be a man that is very easily hungered, a jonti is very fat and most of the time found eating food.
Wow i saw this jonti last night, he was so overweight!
by GWBWEAWRT March 17, 2008
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