The large family clan of Jongewaard, stretches back to the Netherlands. Where it is said in the olden days, when there were vikings and piligers. The Jongewaard clan was amongst the bravest and strongest of groups and flourished because of this. Now a days there are so many Jongewaards, and they are still even considered today some of the strongest family clan in the world.
Wow, your a Jongewaard? I read that name in ancient Saxxon folk lore.
by Todd J. January 20, 2009
Top Definition
The actions taken by the driver in a hit and run case. The driver will flee the scene even if the victims are friends or a person/people they care for.

A cowardly act.
The driver was found guilty of Jongewaarding his friends after police reviewed footage from a security camera outside the car park.
by Howard Surprise Again July 31, 2009
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