An adjective to describe a guy who is sweet. He'll talk to you about anything, and won't be a perv. He'll laugh at your joke even if it's not funny. He'll keep your secrets and won't judge you for them. He'll stay up all night to talk to you. He doesn't like when you call him Jonesy. And oh he has a really big dick
Girl: I met this guy, he's not like the rest.
Friend: What's he like? Do you think he's good looking
Girl: Yeah... He's just... Jonesy
Friend: *jealous* Well the nice guys have tiny dicks!
Girl: No wonder you're such a sweetheart
by e.r.a. May 30, 2011
A term used to describe a unfair player in a type of game. Normally from a southern decent and competes at a professional level.
We had bob playing with us today and he must of been playing like a jonesy.
by cplzzz October 07, 2009
Someone who likes to cut others grass
"Cant beleive that cunt pulled a jonesy on me and fucked my mrs"
by thrashed_jet March 17, 2009

The form in which the human race evolved from. This brain has not formed into what our brains are now causing this sorry a$$ person to be slightly(UNDERSTATEMENT) backwards.

This person is also a double pink belt in origami(Thats folding paper into pretty little things if your are reading this Jonesy boy).He once got caught molestering animals outside Garibaldi's in Bury-by the police and i think is doing community service at a hand car wash place in Heywood.

So because this "person" hasnt yet evolved into the human race we are today, his looks take on the appearance of John Merrick(The Elephant Man).He is about 6'4 and has the brain capacity of a Goldfish.

This person,like's getting his b*tch ass mates involved cos he's scared of a lil 18 year old-in my words PATHETIC. I know he would get his zit welding ass tw@ted all over,but thats besides the point-he should grow a set of balls and stop running off and gettin his "lil home boys"(The Power Rangers).

If anyone would like to see this scientific marvel of the world go visit him at 02 down dumers lane in radcliffe-Just ask a memeber of staff for "the works idiot" and i am sure they will assist in showing you him.
Guy1 and Guy2 are waiting outside garibaldi's unsupectingle when.....
Guy1-Whats that rustling behind that bush? You hear that?

Guy2-Yeah,what the fu(k's that?

(Guy1 and Guy2 go over to the bushes near garibaldi's to investigate)

Guy2- Yo that sh!t is sick,who the fu(k is that rearing that dog?

Guy1-Keith Laird?

Guy2-Nah thats Jonesy

Guy1-You mean the all mighty David jonesey boy has been caught with his kecks down getting intimate with a dog?
A replacement of a person's real name. Given to someone who craves attention and is Mr. Annoying.
Jonesy: " Jack is being so annoying lately"
Dave: "Yeh i know, so jonesy"
by FT'48'08 July 10, 2008
1.An awesome example of something that mixes Rock and Roll and everyday life.

2. Something Trashy, Punky, Independent, and stylish.

After Steve Jones, Formerly of the Sex Pistols, and presently the host of Jonesy's Jukebox on INDY 103.1 Los Angeles
INDY 103.1
Garden State was so Jonesy.

No way dude..have you ever seen Sid and Nancy?

No, not Jonesy in a Literal sense. I mean JONESY like Life Aquatic.


Not Jonesy.
by Alf January 18, 2005
1. An enigma wrapped in a conundrum.
2. A repeater of "Sic em Bears"
Me: Baylor Sucks
Jonesy: Sic Em Bears
by Bf December 11, 2004

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