The name of STARK's kickass guitar player.
Nothing like having Jonesy stop by your job with a bottle of Jameson to make some Irish Coffees on St. Pattys.
by cx13 June 05, 2006
Top Definition
A sexy beast, good in bed
Wow! He was such a jonesy last night!
by DarthJader24 June 16, 2011
An incredibly needed man.
The new guy I'm dating is such a Jonesy.
by BabyBear22 January 02, 2008
A man with good fortune; a very lucky guy
Man... That Jonesy is one lucky bastard
by The Jonesmeister July 12, 2011
The nickname that is commonly used for Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones.
Jonesy is an awesome bass player. Just listen to him playing in Ramble On.
by sixstringwoman072 January 31, 2005
a name to replace the real name of someone who is proned to being an idiot and general idiocy.
I was just thuggin then Jonesy, over here, decided it would be a good idea to flush my baseball bat down the toilet.
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
A Type Of bong originated from "The Device" developed from a long paper Towel Cardboard Roll with a small hole on the top near one of the ends. Then a Blunt Or Joint is inserted in the hole. Next a hand is placed over the larger hole on the side of the blunt. The mouth in inserted on the opposite end. After taking a desired amount of puffs the hand is removed from the other side causeing air to enter and smoke to carry to the mouth which is known as the Cannon Hit.
Bong, "The Device", "Rozwell 5000", "Cheesecurl" Wolly, "The Yert", "Yert 2.0", "The Chrome", and "The Dominique Human Highlight Reel Wilkins Tomahawk Slama-Jama Candy Cane Striped Jonesy" etc.
by Ryan Baus October 03, 2008
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