Jonesin is when you talkin shit about somebody.
Man I was jonesin that nigga so bad he went crazy and tried to pop me.
by Alexandudegreat April 02, 2005
Top Definition
A word used to describe an intense craving for a drug. Comes from Great Jones Street in New York City, between Broadway and Lafayette Street, a former junkie hangout.
I'm jonesin' for some coke.
by automator April 11, 2004
Originally used to describe withdrawl symptoms caused by an addiction. An extreme craving.
also; "jonesing"
"I'm really jonesin' for some ice cream!"
by TC March 10, 2003
Having a withdrawal, or craving for something, an addiction. Can be drug related.
Dude my computer hasnt worked in 2 weeks im jonesin' for sum world of warcrack
by gbrd December 17, 2007
an immense and incredibly emotional, mental, and physical need for heroin.
GOD! I'm JONESIN for just one more HIT!!!!!!!!!!
by Fignuts May 03, 2005
the act of knowingly pursuing a girl with a boyfriend with total disregard for the feelings and emotional well being of said boyfriend
guy 1: pittsburgh pirates right fielder garrett jones stole that dudes girlfriend!

guy 2: he does that all the time! i guess thats why they call it "Jonesin'"
by Big Boip Raji January 31, 2011
An extreme desire for some one, usualy your mate.
Boy you got me jonesin.
by ~Extasy~ September 20, 2005
Used in two senses. There is the aforementioned definition of jonesin for drugs but also another definition which is synonomous with chillin.
Hence jonesin is used as a verb in these two ways:
1."Spencer is jonesin for some pot."
2.What are you doing? "Sarah and I are just jonesin right now."
by SRC December 17, 2006
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