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A college town in the conservative, bible-thumping, gun wielding Delta region of Northeast Arkansas. Located roughly 80 miles west of Memphis, Tennessee. Also known as Jonesboring and Jonesboogie, Rockansas. Made the news in the last decade or so for the "Jonesboro Witch Burnings" and a school shooting.
Jonesboro is a crappy place to live unless you are a right-wing, Southern baptist.
by Glad to be out of there July 30, 2008
A city south of Atlanta, Ga, within Clayton County. It is the place that "Gone with the Wind" was supposed to have been set, so everything is called Tara.
The city is now a complete shit-hole.
Oh my God, your moving to Jonesboro? Do you own a gun?
by Bolt Vanderhuge June 02, 2011
An awesome small town in Maine. It has about 500 people, a restuarant, and a gas station.
Jonesboro, Maine, USA
by 1985 Chrysler LeBaron April 07, 2005
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