a verb that means to crave something strongly, usually said in a construct with a participle (e.g. "to be jonesing for") and often pronounced without the 'g' at the end (e.g. "to be jonesin' for").

Sometimes the "for" is foregone. Usually a phrase emphasizing being in the moment is included, such as "right now" for the present, or "at that time", "right then" for the past. In past, present or future constructions, when said in a negative construction "just yet" is also used occasionally.
I'm really jonesing for a coffee right now.
I'm really jonesin' a cigarette right now.
I just got over being sick for a week. I'd like to go to the concert, but I'm not jonesin' to be out in public just yet.
by alternabear March 23, 2016
One can only "pull" a Jones. Pulling a Jones refers to someone who achieves the highest accolades in their respective field (school/job/sport) at a very young age, shows a lot of potential for further greatness and GOAT status, then goes and does something completely stupid (likely ruining everything he accomplished and/or could have accomplished). Usually involves a hit-and-run involving a pregnant woman (and breaking her arm). Inly returning to the scene to get a handful of cash out of his own car, and then running away AGAIN! Oh, and also COCAINE!!
Fan: Did you see Jon Jones put Machida to sleep with a Standing Guillotine?! That is SO JONES!! He PULLS it off again!

Me: Yo, I saw Jon Jones hit-and-run a preggo, breaking her arm. He ran like he was Coked up! Came back for cash just to re-up on Coke. THAT'S pulling a Jones.

Fan: Oh... :'(
by UrbSmoker May 14, 2015
Jone is a girl that every guy wants to be with. She can make all your dream come true just by being herself. She's exotic, exciting and entertaining and her banter is out of this world. This is the reason she's not only very popular among girls, but widely admired by guys. Guys fight over being her snapchat best friend, but she doesn't let popularity get to her - she remains modest and sets an example for all other girls out there.
There's no one else like Jone.
by Wisewoman November 03, 2014
A form of addressing a person. Similar to homie, or mayne. Originated in Memphis,TN.
"What up jone?!"

"I don't think that I can make it to my destination jone."
-Frayser Boy (Song: Hydro Weed)
by Gerrad Cowley January 04, 2006

Defined to be a new technique for certain males.
"He Joned in the washroom when nobody was looking."
by Md January 25, 2005
Very beautiful and passionate girl. She is the best friend you could ever ask for. Sassy and brave. Can be mean sometimes. She usually hides her feelings.
Jone is amazing, she always thinks about people around her.
by realdictionaryacademy June 29, 2016
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