To bring bad luck on yourself by citing the obvious
I know I bought a lottery ticket but there is no way I will win. Oh, don't Joner yourself
by David Wrightsman August 28, 2007
A 2 inch erect penis
A penis that only belongs to other men
That guy has a joner, hahahahahaha
He wants to give that drag queen the joner
by IOwnJones February 20, 2003
A Joner is also known as a retard or a tard which ever u like best =)
Ugh Nick your sucha Joner.
by Lorixcore116 September 19, 2007
n, Slang.

A red-haired, pale skinned person, who is a suspected Amish.
His curly and fiery locks pervaded the gloom; pale skin shone like the moonlight. But it was his beard that made it perfectly clear - he was a joner.
by Boaz September 16, 2004
A boy, usually around highschool age, who's ego is so much bigger than his dick you'll wonder how he hasn't been shat upon by everybody he opens his mouth to
Girl 1) omg he is such a joker!
Girl 2) ikr! Ugh I just cant
Cute monkey) *throws feces at joner and pisses on joner's face.
Joner's parents) "what have we created!?" *admitts joner son to insane asylum*
by Runaway666 December 18, 2014

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