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A habitual marijuana smoker.
That dude is a hardcore joner.
by joner5000 December 09, 2010
A. An erection that has a justifiable cause and is not of a random nature. B. The opposite of a roner.
When the stripper started giving him a lapdance, Brian got a joner.
by DonE BDS March 01, 2010
A jerk; dork, dweeb, putz, etc.
Generally used as a derogatory term for a bad driver.

(this definition predates any Jonas Brothers-related definitions by many years)
That joner was driving on the freeway doing 45 in the fast lane!
by Jonerrific September 22, 2009
The erection (boner) of a person wearing jean shorts (jorts).
Uh oh, Kev's got a raging joner again.
by Dizzy Gilespi October 02, 2008
Though the true meaning of the name is,"the name given to the boner of a jonas brother", according to urban dictionary, it also refers to a sexual predator with a shorter-than-normal penis. Typically a "Joner" is a genetic disorder and carries on throughout most males in a family line. This disorder has been seen and accounted for in other cases in the area.
He took out his joner and started nibbling on my nipples, later cooling them with ice.
by f0bbz17 August 18, 2009
A boner that is created from the arousing talk of comedian and Fear Factor host Joe Rogan. AKA "the rogue"
Man Joe Rogan is so badass that I can not even get up because i have such a raging Joner.
by jimblejack January 03, 2009
the boner that the ladies are jonesin for
He is irresistable, I want his joner.
by Britney Spears February 20, 2003