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Joner is when your jeans form a boner like form, when really your limp as can be. Although to others it may appear like your rockin one.
" I was sittin in class and noticed i was gettin some strange looks, later i realized it was probably because i was rockin a dirty ole Joner"
by Alexander Campbell September 12, 2011
When your dick reaches full excitement, but your boner only goes up to 1 inch long.
Jonah Choi had a joner today in the middle of presenting a report.
by Cockisgoody June 07, 2011
the frontal area of jeans that sticks up when you sit down.aka a jean boner.
thats a huge joner

is that a joner or are you happy to see me

are you guys the joner brothers?
by xchudx November 30, 2009
The fold formed on your crotch while wearing jeans that gives the appearance of having an erection. Applies to women too.

Boner Jeans
"In math class today I had a giant joner
and Rebecca told all of her friends that
I had a hard on."

"Nicole had a huge joner in science
the other day; she pressed it away
self consciously to reassure everyone
that she did not in fact have a penis."
by laxgodmoney October 16, 2009
When someone acts like a complete fag like a Jonas Brother
Felipe is such a joner
by good ol' fat dick December 02, 2010
Joner (v): 1. to first commit to an obligation and then fail to arrive.

2. pull a fast one over the eyes as intended to deliver but failing to
Did you hear about Paul?

No. What happened to Paul?

His blind date pulled a Joner!!!

No way!!
by Digger Leemond September 09, 2010
When someone gets a boner from listening to or thinking about the Jonas brothers.
I was listening to my new jonas brothers cd and I got a huge joner!
by Megzok February 19, 2009