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To be owned or even pwned, by a short welsh maths teacher by the name of Mr. Jones.
Player 1: Jesus man, you just got Joned!
Player 2: Aww man

Player 1: Hahaha, I Joned you good and proper
Player 2: Don't use that terminology, it freaks me out man .

Player 1: Woohoo, you just got Joned!
Player 2: *Scared* oh my god he's in this very room!
by Tayla13 March 29, 2008
5 9
To be drunk, yet you dont have to drink to be joned
mate 1: Proper joned last night man
mate 2: But your straight edge though
mate 1: I know man!
by jonedassbrother July 04, 2010
4 2
To be under the influence of marijuana. To be stoned.
That cali bud made me super joned. I couldn't even walk.
by joner5000 December 09, 2010
3 3
verb. The combination of the two words owned and jewed.
A person getting jewed, and thus owned.
Corban: Man, the apartment complex kept all of out deposit even though there was nothing wrong with it!

Dallas: Yeah, we got joned!
by hidden lawyer April 10, 2006
12 12
it's like owned, but more intense. also j0w3d
1. you just got joned!
2. total jonezer man!!
by eBrian March 21, 2003
8 13