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An already used or jizzed on condom!
I was at my friend carlos's house when i asked him for a condom because i was going to fuck my girlfriend but carlos said he doent have a condom he only had a jondom and i was like, "ahhhhh fine that will have to do."
by aojnsvkadifsivqahbv May 14, 2010
1. Coined in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the Jondom is made with the same latex as a regular condom, however, is on average 25-50% bigger than a regular condom.

2. The term Jondom is usually only applied to condoms so large that they are custom made, but can also mean a XXX or Magnum.
1. I was ready to get dirty with the swamp donkey but I ran out of Jondoms and all she had was standard.

2. I ran out of condoms so I had to borrow one of my roomates Jondoms. It was like trying to fuck wearing a hefty bag.
by Jumpin Jonnys June 26, 2006
What you call a condom when a young boy (e.g. little jonny) wears one.
Typical troll on youtube:
Dear (insert username here)

I came home yesterday to find my 5 year old son wearing a jon-dom, I think this channel should be banned.
by f1freak2727 December 08, 2012
Very large condom used for a very larger wang.
1.Jane:you got your jondom on yet?
Jake:no, my jondom keeps breaking

2.my boner wont fit in this jondom
by murrayC September 09, 2007
a hat for your penis used mainly on one night stands so that you can shag the fuck out of some random bird without becoming a daddy,.
hey ive got a "j card" , whats that 4, getting jondoms you dirty fuckguff.
by kieren dunn July 13, 2005