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An actor and cult icon, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born July 27, 1977, in Dublin, Ireland. His breakthrough role was in Velvet Goldmine, where he appeared as Brian Slade.

Meyers is sometimes credited as Jonathan Rhys Myers or Jonathan Rhys-Myer. Among his dedicated fans, he is often referred to as JRM.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is extremely talented, but his name is way to long. Therefore, we call him JRM.
by Rain January 09, 2005
The sexiest most talented actor who walked across the face of the earth
OMG! Did you see Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Match Point? OMG!! He was so fuckin' hot!!
by JRM luva August 07, 2009
An very talented actor from Ireland, this talent is most evident in Velevet Goldmine. He is a big ride
jonathan rhys meyers is a big ride, I would like to have his babies.
by ThatGal December 23, 2007
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