The Disney Channel show that depicts a fake life of the uber-losers, The Jonas Brothers. Although semi-good looking, no amount of Disney "comedy" can save the trio from the obvious downfall that is about to occur anytime soon. The show is not funny, overdramatic, and really, really, REALLY lame.

Do not watch.
I can't believe Disney let me down like that. I will never watch JONAS again. Thanks for wasting 30 minutes of my life.
by GGMM June 16, 2009
Top Definition
Jonas is a Latin common but well-known name.
He's nice, attractive, intelligent, thoughtful, gorgeous, friendly and has a good sense of humor.
Even though he doesn't think so, he's a strong personality and can deal with problems.
Person 1: What's your name?
Jonas: My name is Jonas.
by DropDeadCasanova April 25, 2009
Life its self, also the new god.
Jonas is life, or oh my jonas!
by Minaa April 23, 2008
Derived from Yonah (Hebrew meaning "Dove" or Sign of God, and also means 'The Doer') and translated through the Greek Ionas to the present Jonas. The Lithuanian name Jonas was independently derived from the name 'John' which means either a client of prostitutes or a device you sit on to crap.

Also a namesake book in the old testament depicting a prophet's involuntary ingurgitation by gigantic marine wildlife as part of a divine motivational technique program.

Also a reason for screaming adolescent girls to wet their drawers, and for lame rock bands to write mediocre songs in sappy 3/4 time signatures.
(The Doer) "You see that girl, I'd like to Jonas."
(The Dove) (In the shower( "Honey, do we have another bar of Jonas under the sink?"
(Sign of God) "I neglected to read the Jonas on the freeway and missed my exit to the Billy Graham talk."
by JonasOfToronto April 29, 2009
a word that refers to a beautiful girl that is extremely honest and decent - not a whore even though a large number of people want to get with her.
Damn, shes such a jona! i wish she wasnt so hard to get.

hmm, i wish i could get with her, but shes a jona!
by this*is*my*name*bitches April 03, 2007
A uncommon name.
Although now commonly used in band names.

Often mispelled or misunderstood
Me: You listen to that song by Weezer? Its called My Name Is Jonas
You: Wtf?

In-And-Out worker: What is your name?
Jonas: Jonas
In-And-Out worker: Jones...Joe?, your order is ready!
by MyNameIsJonas August 14, 2006
The name given to a widely popular boy-band who have billions of screaming and crying over-fanatic fans. Usually used in the tween group expressions.
"Oh My Jonas"
by Ohh, JB LOVE. March 20, 2009
An extremely gorgeous girl with lots of friends and who loves music. Singing and acting are two of her favorites but she also loves to watch movies and be with her best friends. She loves Jesus and is extremely forgiving. Any boy would be lucky to have this girl. This girl is the most amazing friend you could have and people are jealous that they aren't more like her.
by iloveyouforeverbestfriend(: November 09, 2010

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