Jerk Off Memory Bank
That chick is fine.
File her in the J.O.M.B.
by how July 07, 2005
Top Definition
An alias used by a ROM hacker who creates obscene ROM hacks for the NES.
"Dude, ever play that game Pussy City Pimps by Jomb?"
by sweet34jr January 27, 2008
Jack Off Memory Bank
Me: Bro, did you see that girl?
Friend: Oh man that girl is hot. I'm going to store that in my jomb for later tonight.
by Erwin R. July 11, 2006
To clarify, it's pronounced (jom-bee). and is the acronym for Jerk Off Memory Bank. This means to save an image in your mind for later self satisfaction, or perhaps sharing with another co-jerker.
Dude, when Dana bent over to pick up that pencil in the office I saw her thong slip up her pink meat curtains thru her dress. I'm sticking that in the j.o.m.b. (jom-bee) for my coffee break.
by the real justin April 21, 2009
Anagram for Just One More Book, a reading program for children.
I wanted to help my kids become more literate, so I signed them up for the JOMB program.
by W. Shulman January 27, 2008
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