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Unique of course. How many Jolina's have you met lately? Fun, rarely serious, highly emotional, sometimes waaay too generous, talkative to a fault, loyal, brutally honest. Some have said beautiful, but I'd rather say "cute". Often loud. Seldom down. Word nerd, star trek geek, always have to have music on, eclectic. A natural positive energy surrounds Jolina, and she likes to give it out. LOVES to make people laugh. The type of person who will get in trouble by everyone else to help you out if thought to be in a friends' best interest. When you meet Jolina you may be taken aback for a moment, but give her a chance. : ) You won't regret it.
Chick 1- She can be sooo weird sometimes!! At least it makes me laugh!
Chick 2- What do you expect? Her name is Jolina. . .

Dude listening nearby- I like her! She's crazy.
by jda2012 October 10, 2012
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