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Based on a closed correctional facility in Joliet, IL, it generally refers to being in a maximum security prison. This word was made famous by John Belushi, Joliet Jake, in the movie "The Blues Brothers". Also the term has be used in, "The Whole Ten Yards".
Look at you in those candy a** monkey suits. And I thought I had it bad in Joliet.
by joegg August 27, 2005
Joliet is an extension to ISO 9660, the standard specification for file storage on - and transfer to - a compact disc (CD); it allows file names up to 64 characters in length, including spaces (Much longer than ISO 9660 file names), and the use of Unicode characters in file names. Written by Microsoft, Joliet is fully supported in Windows 95 and later Windows operating systems. In operating systems that support only eight-character file names, a longer file name on the CD is truncated into an eight-character name using a tilde (~) followed by a unique number as the last characters in the name.
"This CD was burned in Joliet format"
by Maximilian March 24, 2006
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