Jolie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is very pretty and knows how to handle tough situations. She is an awesome lover. She is also great with kids and loves everybody. When She likes someone she likes them for awhile and is loyal to him. She loves dancing. She loves animals. She is Amazing
person 1: Is that Jolie
person 2: Yeah thats her
person 1: *boner*
person 2: *another boner*
by Sj April 03, 2013
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In french it means pretty or beautiful.
you are very jolie
by jolieee May 13, 2009
The most amazing girl in the world. Her apperence will blow you mind. She loves to dance. Also a sexual goddess. But she normally dates stupid guys. but her really lover is normally a close friend.
Damn, that girl can dance like Jolie.
by EmergencyExit August 30, 2011
•Cock blocker
John - "Is she with you?"

Ashely - "No, shes being a total Jolie at the movies."
by Alex - Arkansas April 17, 2009
v. to adopt a child from questionable origins
No they jolied it from africa.
by fantumn January 27, 2011

Language of origin: Hollywood

To become romantically linked with a person who is already in a relationship resulting in the demise of their relationship
Fenton: Oh I love Matt but he is totally smitten with his boyfriend Paul.
Eddie: Fenton you aren't going to jolie them are you!
by ItWasn'tMe December 16, 2007

When a brother and sister have a very close relationship that more resembles that of a boyfriend and girlfriend, they are said to be jolie.

The term originates from the risqué relationship between Angelina Jolie and her brother James Haven, who have been known to share passionate kisses in public.

Pronounced more like jolly.
"That brother and sister were little too jolie for my liking. Siblings shouldn't use tongues."
by Grant Walls October 19, 2006

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