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The smeared red lips resulting when one person performs cunnilingus on a woman during her time of the month. Resembles "the Joker" from Batman.
I was so drunk I didn't realize I ate her bloody snatch until the next day when I noticed I had a joker's smile in the mirror.
by tim's taint December 21, 2004
The result of putting a knife in someone's mouth and then slicing both of the victim's cheeks so that he'll look like the Joker(Batman's arch-nemesis), thus putting a permanent clown's smile on his face.

The Joker himself is known for doing this to his victims in the movie The Dark Knight.
If you dont stop laughing at your own stupid jokes, I'm gonna give you a Joker's smile bitch!
#the joker #joker #batman #the dark knight #permanent smile #chelsea smile #buck fifty
by Terminus_Est August 04, 2008
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