A slang term for lighter, usually when lighting a spliff, but not only.
Bust me your joker blud,
Got ma joint, need ma joker.
by Crazyasastalker January 05, 2006
To Super-Ace (5Kills + Defuse) every round for 15 rounds (One half) in Counter-Strike - Also known as the 120bomb - the most kills a player can get in one half.
After droping the Joker SK left our server ;)
by Krashon January 06, 2005
"duh...it's that card which you get in a pack of cards!"
"oh look.. i found a joker"
by sort November 06, 2003
1. Sexy scripter
2. Anti-RuneCMS leader
3. Newbie Java Coder
4. Author Of JokerBot Rs2
He is such a freaking Joker!
by Devin April 12, 2005
The best super Villan of all time. He is the exact opposite as the DC comics super hero Batman and that is what makes him the greatest enemy. Though his backstory or origin is unknown some of DC's comics have givin away some information on who the Joker used to be. He is a man named Jack Niapper who has a pregnant wife but can't make any money because no one laughs at his jokes. His wife is killed in an accident and he is forced to steel something from the power plant he used to work at. The police find him in a " Red Hood" costume and that's when Batman comes and scares Jack so much that he jumps into a vat of chemicals which bleach his skin white and turn him totally insane so then he is known as the Joker.
Batman: "The Joker"
by SockstFox1987 June 23, 2016
When you shove so many dicks in a persons mouth that it starts to split at the corners.
Dude what's wrong with that chicks face?

Oh she got hella Jokered.
by Mike Reiner March 17, 2016
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