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a slang term that originated in the southern California region; joker is used in place of the word penis as an insult
The only joker here is in your pants
by dickie mcgee May 27, 2005
A slang term for lighter, usually when lighting a spliff, but not only.
Bust me your joker blud,
Got ma joint, need ma joker.
by Crazyasastalker January 05, 2006
To Super-Ace (5Kills + Defuse) every round for 15 rounds (One half) in Counter-Strike - Also known as the 120bomb - the most kills a player can get in one half.
After droping the Joker SK left our server ;)
by Krashon January 06, 2005
"duh...it's that card which you get in a pack of cards!"
"oh look.. i found a joker"
by sort November 06, 2003
1. Sexy scripter
2. Anti-RuneCMS leader
3. Newbie Java Coder
4. Author Of JokerBot Rs2
He is such a freaking Joker!
by Devin April 12, 2005