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A slang used while smoking marijuana. To joker, means to hit the pipe, bong, joint, anything that is being passed around, TWICE in your one turn. Sometimes it will be noticed and you may be called out on it. Other times, it will be noticed, and the same will be given for everyone else in the group. And sometimes, you can just get away with it, if it is your own weed.
Stoner 1: Did you just joker that?

Stoner 2: Umm...I can't recall.

Stoner 1: I think you jokered it...

Stoner 2 : *hits pipe* Now I might have...hahahhahahahahahaha
by JohnKyo August 23, 2010
a name used for someone you don't know, a random person or an object.
who's that joker over there?

Toss that joker over here!
by carrie, chelsea July 22, 2008
someone that is or does something stupid. a mild insult.
"omg! did you see that joker!"

"what you lying for you joker!"

by triky July 28, 2006
A joker is someone that makes stupid jokes and thinks they are the bomb when they suck..

Usually referred to as a card or something! BUT NO IT IS JUST A SUCKY -JOKER-
Joker: Wanna hear a bad- I mean good joke?

Mike: Of coarse I mean you are the joker right? Ha!

Joker: Why did the cat cross the road.?

Mike: What? I don't know can you tell your joke now?

Joker: Ha? I just did?

Mike: OOOOOH-KAY??!!?!!?!
by The Freakin' smart one. July 19, 2009
A sexual act when as the male is ejaculating, he makes an extremely swift left to right movement(or right to left) across the female's mouth, creating a line of semen from cheek to cheek. Similar to the joker's wounds.
I've had sex with many animals, and one time I gave a girl a joker across her butt hole.
by Nay Nay August 17, 2008
When you eat out a girl while she on her period and when you are done you look as if you have joker makeup on.
I ate out Susie last night, I looked like the " Joker "
by Alacrion February 15, 2009
When a guy cums on a girls, or a guys, face and smears it into the Joker smile.
"Man..I gave that bitch a Joker last night!!!"
by AahDamn August 07, 2008