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The act and/or result of "going down" on a girl in a very passionate/aggressive manner while she is menstruating. Leaving a smear of menstrual fluid on the sides of your cheeks that resembles the Joker's face makeup
1. Bobby just went wild down there, even with my heavy flow. After he was done, he looked up at me with a Joker smile and I gave him a confused look and then he said to me,

"Why So Serious???"

2. Oh wow, I would love to give her a mean Joker smile.
by Cydonian Knight September 19, 2009
When a man "cock slaps" another person on both sides of their face. Leaving two lines up their face, resembling the smile of the joker from Batman.
I think that girl that had those bruises on her cheeks got a joker smile.
by C.L.C. October 25, 2011
The act of giving a fish hook with both hands while having sex from the back. If a mistake is made the result would make the receiver look like The Joker from Batman.
Jennifer got out of line so I flipped her around and gave her the joker smile.
by Sabretooth Skellington December 14, 2013
When you eat a girl out while shes on her period
Last night i got a joker smile cause i didnt know she was on her period.
by G.Duffy November 13, 2007

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