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Laughter that sounds similar to that of The Joker. The laughter should only be used upon commiting an act of indecency. Such as: Physical harm inflicted upon yourself or others, an epiphany that revolves around chaos, destruction of public property, or a sight of morbid hilarity.

Should also be used in public to either irritate people to the brink of insanity, or to discomfort insecure people who will look at themselves upon hearing laughter.

The laugh can be:
a low pitch "Ho-ho-ha-ha"
a half sob, half laugh "A-ha-ha-he-he-hew-hew"
a high pitch "A-HE-HE-HE-HA-HA"
a screaming "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
When I fell off my bike and landed in mud after the breaks give out and I'm covered in blood, I emitted a Joker Laugh that lasted for an hour, to the annoyance of my companions, oh how they are sour(True story)
by Nathan Etilredneh July 01, 2009
The laugh The Joker, from the Dark Knight laughs.

In a way it turns you on and you can't help but listen to it over and over and OVER.

The "hee hee ha ha HA HA HA" You find so amazing that when you hear this laugh it sends chills down your spine.
I heard the Joker laugh and had a jokergasm. (see jokergasm)
by Emi-Panda huhu October 05, 2009
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