The "Jersey" accent, which only the Italians living very close to New York actually have, yet is misconstruded to represent the whole state.
Yeah, I'm from Jersey. Sojo, actually. Don't have the Joisey accent. You want that, go up to Noith Joisey.
by Myndi December 31, 2005
Top Definition
The imaginary being of...who came up with that anyway? No where in Jersey do people speak with that awful accent that sounds like a crushing mix of Italian and New York accents.
ignant person- Hey, where ya from?
Jersian- Jersey
ignant (in "Joisey" accent)- Haaaaay! How you doin'? Why don't you have a Joisey accent? What part of New Jersey are you from?
Jersian- No one has that stupid accent
ignant (still in accent) What do ya mean, everybody knows that's how ya talk in Joisey!
Jersian- *sigh*
*smacks ignant person*
*walks away*
by rjholla2003 January 04, 2005
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