another way to say that the bowl is cash, no more weed.
A: "hey man pass me the bong."
B: "that shit is Johny man"
by Brunos baby June 29, 2010
Top Definition
English Slang:
A Condom
I put on a johny before I screwed that gross bitch.
by Mr. Polish May 08, 2005
another name for money .. As in Johny Cash ..

used by dave in rotovegas . he ain't got eftpos so he only takes johny's
Can I use my credit card to pay you dave?

Nah sorry mr ..I only take johny's

Whats a johny dave?

It's cash . you know like johny cash

well I only have a credit card dave

Well mr you had better walk the line to the hole in the wall mr
by I3igCheese October 22, 2006
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